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Merry Christmas Lake Stevens

Published on Tue, Dec 18, 2012 by BY PAM STEVENS | MANAGING EDITOR

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I know I’m not alone when I say that I love this time of year but the feelings of giving and peace seem to consume most of us in a way that rarely happens unless it’s the holiday season or there’s a national tragedy.

Why do you think that is? Yes, that’s a rhetorical question but it really makes you think doesn’t it?
Right now my heart goes out to all of those still suffering on the east coast because of Hurricane Sandy. Thousands still aren’t in their homes and many have literally lost everything. I can’t imagine what Christmas will be like for those families.
I am so grateful for those who continue to help with clean-up and support of those families.

My niece is currently on a church mission in Brooklyn and most of what she does is help those in need pulling up floors and tearing down walls. I’m honestly surprised to think of my sweet, beautiful, 21-year-old niece with a sledgehammer pulling up mildewed floors but she loves it and can’t wait to go back each day and start all over again.
What an incredible gift she and others like her are giving to their neighbors in need.

In Lake Stevens we’ve donated several tons of food to the Lake Stevens Food Bank and thousands of gifts for kids who may not have a Christmas otherwise.

Clothes, shoes and toiletries have been gathered to help the homeless by so many here in town.
What amazing gifts each of these small gestures bring to someone who is struggling beyond what most of us can ever imagine.

After years of recession, to see the love and generosity of those around here still amazes me. Even families who are living paycheck to paycheck praying that they are not the next to lose their livelihood are donating generously to others.
You just never know if or when it might be your turn do you?

So, thank you to everyone who has helped out this year. No matter how small your gesture was, it means the world to the receiver.

Thank you for continuing to support us here at the Lake Stevens Journal. We truly do appreciate each of you and your kindness, generosity and loyalty to your Hometown Newspaper!
Merry Christmas and God bless each of you this holiday season!

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