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Lion’s Club Fishing Derby reeled in some big fish

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Published on Tue, Jun 30, 2009 by JOURNAL STAFF

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 Nick Bower, first place winner of the youth division, stands with his father and holds up his small mouth bass that won him $150 at this year’s Lion’s Club Fishing Derby.

The third annual Lake Stevens Lion’s Club Fishing Derby took place on Saturday, June 6 at North Cove Park in Lake Stevens.
Special awards went to the following fishermen:
Smallest Fish weighed in by a youth under 10 years of age / $25.00 gift certificate: Christopher Haynes 3.8oz. Yellow Perch.
Early Bird Drawing / Spinning rod & reel combo: Eric Soderstrom.
Guided Humpy Fishing Trip with Cascade Guide service for a youth 8-14 years old: Mason Deitz.
All participants present at the weigh in received fishing tackle gift packs loaded with fishing tackle from our sponsors: Shasta Tackle, Dick Nite Spoons, Zak Tackle, Silver Horde, Wooldridge Boats, Ron’s Custom Rods, & Greg’s Custom Rods.
Winners and participants
Adult Division

Tony Becht, first place winner of the aduilt division, holds his winning largemouth bass that helped him reel in $150 at this year’s Lion’s Club Fishing Derby.

1st  Place / $250.00: Tony Becht  /  4lb., 14 oz. Largemouth Bass
2nd  Place / $125.00: Butch Spafford  /  3lb., 1.7 oz. Smallmouth Bass
3rd Place / $75.00: Gabriel Jordan:  /  2lb., 15.4 oz. Smallmouth Bass
4th place / Custom Rod: Glen Kincaid / 2lb., 2.6 oz. Smallmouth Bass
5th Place / Wooldridge Jacket: Allen Dye / 1 lb Kokanee
6th Place / Scott Laird /  14.8oz Kokanee
7th Place: Les Schwab marine battery: Eric Soderstrom / 14 oz Rainbow Trout
8th Place: Kelcie Hickey / 13.6 oz. Yellow Perch
9th Place: Joe Davidson / 11.3 oz. Smallmouth Bass
10th Place: Tim Holland / 11.1 oz. Kokanee
11th Place: Mike Bower / 10.8 oz. Rainbow Trout
12th Place: Mick Majors / 8.4 oz. Yellow Perch
13th Place: Casey Tupin / 4 oz. Smallmouth Bass
14th Place: Staphanie Haynes / 3.6 oz. Yellow Perch
15th Place: Bradley Matthias / 3.4 oz. Yellow Perch

Youth Division
1ST Place / $150.00: Nick Bower  /  4lb., 3.9 oz. Smallmouth Bass
2nd Place/ $75.00: Mason Deitz  /  a 10.6 oz. Rainbow Trout
3rd Place / $25.00: Maximus Scott  /  a 10.6 oz. Kokanee
4th Place / Luca’s certificate: Damien Scott / 9.4 oz. Rainbow Trout
5th Place / Azteca certificate: Aubrie Davidson / 5.7 oz. Yellow Perch
6th Place / Bait Box gift pack: Christopher Haynes / 3.8 oz. Yellow Perch

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