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Thunderbolts take first in 3rd/4th grade volleyball

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Published on Mon, Nov 30, 2009 by JOURNAL STAFF

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The eight and nine year old girls from the Lake Stevens Thunderbolts crushed their
opponents during this season’s volleyball games.

The Lake Stevens Thunderbolts Volleyball team, consisting of third and fourth graders from Lake Stevens schools, took first place in the North Snohomish County Boys & Girls Club volleyball season for their age group.
The Thunderbolts competed against teams from Lake Stevens, Monroe, Snohomish, Darrington and Arlington.
The team is coached by DeAnna Chapman and Rosita Root. The players include Katie Stevens, Lillian Eason, IzSabella Haviland, Isabel Rusten, Karen Liddle, Rachel Foster, Kendal Solis, Hanna Hunsberger, Shelbi Olmstead, Marley McDonald, Kamarin Root.

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