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Try Rowing steps up to another year at Aquafest

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Published on Tue, Jun 1, 2010 by JOURNAL STAFF

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The Lake Stevens Rowing Club is entering their second year of offering to the community and Aquafest participants a free on-the-water Try Rowing experience to enhance their Aquafest experience.

Try Rowing consists of a quick land tutorial by one of our seven coaches on commonly used terms, proper rowing stroke on the land erg’s, parts of the boats.

Participants will then have the opportunity to climb into one of our racing shells and receive a quick lesson on the water by another one of our coaches.

Members of the club have benefited greatly from this great sport, ranging from exercise, recreation, socialization, competition, and just a place to fit in and have fun on the lake.
Pre-teens to grandparents have found great enjoyment with our club.

Members have chosen to offer this opportunity during Aquafest to share their sport with local residents in appreciation of the community’s support and as a way to give back a little, to say thanks.

It allows us to share our experience, answer questions, give the public a taste of what rowing is like, and provide a free on-the-water experience during the hot summer weekend.

This event is open to the public during the available water periods on Friday and Sunday during Aquafest, but the boatshed and our vendor tent will be open during the entire Aquafest weekend for anyone to stop by.

Try Rowing walk-ins are welcome, but people can also register in advance at, particularly if you have a large party to assure you’re placed in the same boat.
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