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Local students medal at WSKF 2011 Invitational Tournament

Published on Tue, Jun 14, 2011 by JOURNAL STAFF

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Top Row: Austin Temple, Sensei Michael Ferguson, Nick Claymore. Bottom Row:
Ryan Sanchez, Mack Temple. Not pictured: Nicolas DeSantiago. 

Five students from the Everett-based Pacific Karate Organization earned medals at the Washington State Karate Federation 2011 Invitational Tournament held May 14 at Edmonds Community College.

Nick Claymore, 15, of Lake Stevens; Austin Temple, 15, of Everett; and Mack Temple, 14, of Everett combined to win gold medals in Team Kata. They competed in the age 14 to 17 division.

Claymore also received a third place medal in kata, a third place medal in weapons (bo staff), and a third place medal in WKF (World Karate-Do Federation) kata.

Kata is a routine, or choreographed pattern of movements. When practiced as a team, the routine is synchronized and all team members must have perfect form. Kumite is sparring against an opponent. Weapons is the use of an item during a kata. For example a bo staff or nunchaku.