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Local boy rides the Mountain Loop

Published on Tue, Oct 2, 2012 by BY PAM STEVENS | MANAGING EDITOR

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Last year, when Leo Stockham was only 11 years old, he decided that after failing all of the runs in P.E. class at Lake Stevens Middle School, he wanted to change his lifestyle and get healthy. Leo also wanted to, “lose all this fat,” he said pointing to his stomach.

Leo’s dad Steven gave him a challenge to train for a ride along the Mountain Loop Highway and Leo took that challenge.
“Just before the end of the school year he accepted a challenge to train and ride the Mountain Loop Highway,” Steven said.  
He began a nine-week training schedule gradually riding longer distances and steeper hills.
“His endurance had become impressive,” Steven said.

Leo and his dad were soon ready to take on the Mountain Loop and started their ride on July 17 of this year.
The planned two-day adventure soon turned into six days so that they could enjoy the beauty the Mountain Loop has to offer.
“The hardest part was the first hill,” Leo said. Especially with a heavy backpack strapped to him.

A crucial part of his training was to look at maps and he even read blogs to ensure that he had the safest and best route possible before leaving on his adventure. With no cell phone service in many areas, the two were on their own much of the time.

“The ride was unsupported by any motor vehicle and everything we needed for six days was packed on our bicycles,” Steven explained.

Now Leo can complete most of his runs at school and has no problem riding his bike around. He and his dad even rode here to the Journal office on their bikes.